Five Things That You Must Know About The Infertility Treatment

five things that you must know about the infertility treatmentYou Google extensively before meeting some Infertility Specialists in Navi Mumbai so that you don’t go unprepared. However, most of the information that you could gather is about IUI or IVF.

To your surprise, the infertility specialist talks about hundreds of other things that you don’t even know about.

Yes, the world of infertility treatment is vast, and it is not possible to know all of them. Moreover, it is a happening niche where every year new, improved methods are emerging that help couples in achieving their dreams of a family.

According to the well-known infertility expert Dr. Uday Thanawala, couples should go to meet the expert with an open mind and positive attitude. It helps a lot in getting success in the infertility treatment.

Here are five facts that you must know about infertility treatment.

It brings higher success rate today

Yes, the success rate of infertility treatment today is multiple times higher than a decade before. Estimates say that it has almost doubles.

No wonder, there is a long waiting list in almost every infertility Treatment in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Couples enroll their name with high hopes, and in the majority of the cases, they get a success.

There are several other choices than IVF

Though IVF is the most talked infertility treatment list, there are several different methods as well.

In sophisticated infertility clinics such as Thanawala Maternity home & IVF Clinic,you get a plethora of techniques mentioned on the menu card.

Some of them are simpler and lower tech treatments.

Every year some new technology adds to it

The field of infertility treatment is dynamic. Not only new methods are emerging, but the conventional methods are becoming more sophisticated and accurate.

For example, the advancement in embryo screening methods and fertilization technique make it possible to transfer single embryo for women below 35 years of age.

Thus, the old myth that IVF generally results in twins or triplets is no more valid.

Infertility is not a result of a problem in the female reproductive system only

Though some people know that infertility is not because of the female partner only, still doctors need to explain it to clear the misconception.

Statistics prove that 40% of cases are contributed by the female partner and 40% by the male partner. Remaining 20% cases are unexplained infertility cases.

You may get insurance coverage for infertility treatment sometimes

Well, it is something one must get confirmation from the insurance company. It is a fact that infertility is not covered in insurance in general.

However, a few rare cases are covered by some service providers.

You must get the authentic information about it before enrolling into a specialized clinic offering infertility Treatment in Vashi, Navi Mumbai and have to know the Infertility cost before processing.


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